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Taking the temperature - medical settings

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So now we are going to do your temperature. We will be using a  . This just measures your temperature at the tympanic membrane in your ear. So there is a probe cover that goes on here, like that. This is all sterile here and then this button here is pressed and it just gives a digital read-out of your temperature. Okay?

Is there any particular ear you need to do it in?

No, either ear.

Either ear will be fine?

Yeah. Okay, so we will go in your right ear, ensure there is a nice snug fit. No need to press too hard. Press the button. Great. And we have a temperature there of 36.9.

36.9. Yeah, good.

Okay. Always dispose of the probe covers in the appropriate bin, in the yellow bin.

So what is that temperature telling us now, then? What is the importance of the temperature?

The temperature will show us if your body is reacting to any pathogen, really. It is usually a sign of infection or inflammation. Sometimes temperature change is the first thing you see when somebody is having an allergic reaction to, say, a blood transfusion or medications, antibiotics or any medication, really. The pulse quickens and the temperature raises. It is a defence mechanism, to raise the temperature inside the body and kill the pathogens.

Is it something that is really important when you do the assessments? Is that a really important part of it?

It is, yeah. Absolutely.

It is. So this was clean before we used it and then we need to clean the whole thing before we use it on the next patient.