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Taking the temperature - medical settings

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Temperature Measurement Procedure: Ear Thermometer


Let's proceed with measuring your temperature using an ear thermometer.


We will be using an ear thermometer to measure your temperature at the tympanic membrane.


  • Ear thermometer
  • Probe cover


  • Place a sterile probe cover on the thermometer.
  • Insert the thermometer into either ear.
  • Press the button to obtain a digital temperature reading.


Record the temperature reading obtained.


The temperature reading indicates the body's response to pathogens, infection, or inflammation.


  • It serves as an indicator of health status and potential illnesses.
  • Rapid changes in temperature may signify allergic reactions or medication effects.


Dispose of used probe covers in the designated yellow bin.


Temperature measurement is an essential component of patient assessment, providing valuable insights into overall health and potential medical conditions.