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How to use gloves

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Effective Glove Usage and Hand Hygiene

Protecting Patients and Ourselves

Learn the proper way to safeguard both patients and healthcare providers through correct glove usage and hand hygiene.

Importance of Correct Glove Usage

Wearing disposable gloves is a fundamental infection control measure. It's essential to understand when and how to use them effectively.

Adhering to Organizational Policies

Most healthcare authorities and organizations have specific policies regarding glove usage. It's crucial to follow these guidelines in your workplace to ensure consistency.

Considerations in Pre-Hospital Care

In pre-hospital care settings, such as ambulances, there are critical moments to think about glove usage:

  • Removing Gloves Before Driving: When transitioning from patient care in the back of an ambulance to driving, gloves should be removed to avoid cross-infection.
  • Preventing Cross-Infection: It's common to see ambulance drivers wearing gloves while transporting patients. This poses a significant infection risk, especially when others share the same vehicle.

Proper Procedure on Hospital Wards

In hospital ward scenarios:

  • Conscious Glove Removal: After tending to a patient, it's crucial to remove gloves and wash hands before assisting with other tasks or attending to another patient.
  • Preventing Contamination: Avoid the common mistake of removing one glove and using a potentially clean hand to remove the other glove. Follow the correct procedure to minimize infection risk.

Remember, gloves are just one part of infection control. After glove removal, always wash your hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water to maintain a strong line of defense against cross-infection.