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Pre-shift checks

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Pre-Shift Vehicle and Equipment Checks


Before embarking on your shift, it's crucial to ensure your vehicle and equipment are in optimal condition to provide efficient and safe emergency services. Here are the essential pre-shift checks you need to perform:

Vehicle Exterior Inspection

  • Examine the Vehicle: Perform a walk-around inspection to identify dents, bumps, broken glass, or any hazards.
  • Tire Check: Ensure tires have adequate tread and are correctly inflated.
  • Windscreen Examination: Inspect windshields for chips or damage.
  • Fuel Levels: Verify that the vehicle is fully fueled.

Vehicle Interior Inspection

  • Lighting System: Confirm that all lights, including blue lights, sirens, and two tones, are functioning correctly.
  • Switches and Controls: Ensure all switches and controls operate properly.
  • Oxygen Levels: Check that oxygen cylinders are full and an ample supply is available.
  • Interior Organization: Secure all equipment, ensuring nothing can become a hazard during transit.
  • Drug Inventory: Verify that all drugs are within their expiry dates and present in your kit bag.
  • Cleanliness: Maintain a clean and organized environment, preventing bacterial contamination or blood spills.
  • Professional Appearance: Present yourself in a clean and tidy manner to build patient trust.

Responsibility and Documentation

Remember, these checks are your responsibility, and thoroughness is paramount. Report and document any issues, no matter how minor they may seem. Failure to do so could lead to unwarranted responsibility in case of incidents or discrepancies.


Take your time with these pre-shift checks to ensure that both your vehicle and equipment are in excellent condition. By maintaining professionalism and diligence, you'll instill trust in your patients and contribute to the efficiency and safety of your emergency services.