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There are special rules with the storage of oxygen cylinders because they need to be kept so that they do not get damaged or pose any risks. You should check your workplace risk assessments for the correct storage since they apply general rules to a set location.

The general rules for the storage of medical grade oxygen cylinders

  • Stored under cover, preferably inside, kept dry and clean, and not subjected to extremes of heat or cold and away from stocks of combustible material
  • Stored separately from industrial and other non-medical cylinders
  • Stored to maintain separation between full and empty cylinders
  • Used in strict rotation so that cylinders with the earliest filing date are used first
  • Stored separately from other medical cylinders within the store
  • F size cylinders and larger should be stored vertically
  • E size cylinders and smaller should be stored horizontally.

Warning notices prohibiting smoking and naked lights must be posted clearly in the cylinder storage area. Emergency Services may also need to be advised of the location of the cylinder store. Finally,  portable oxygen kits need to be stored correctly and safely in accordance with the guidelines above and the manufacturer's recommendations. This also applies to storage in vehicles.