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CPR Cycle - 1 person

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Real-Time AED Scenario

1. Initial Assessment

Quick Assessment for Dangers and Patient Responsiveness

  • Danger Check: Ensure the scene is safe.
  • Patient Communication: Attempt to elicit a response through verbal and physical stimuli.
  • Airway Check: Examine the airway for obstructions and perform a head tilt, chin lift.
  • Respiratory Assessment: Look, listen, and feel for breathing for 10 seconds.

2. AED Setup

Preparing and Applying the AED

  • Defibrillator Activation: Turn on the AED and prepare for pad placement.
  • Pad Application: Place the pads according to AED instructions.
  • Analysis: Allow the AED to analyze the heart rhythm.
  • Bag and Mask Setup: Prepare the bag and mask for ventilation, keeping them away from potential sparks.

3. Defibrillation and CPR

Combining Defibrillation with CPR

  • Shock Advisory: If advised by the AED, ensure everyone is clear before shocking.
  • Commence Chest Compressions: Begin CPR with 30 compressions followed by two breaths.
  • Compression Rhythm: Continue compressions in cycles of 30:2.
  • AED Timing: The AED will analyze every two minutes.

4. Post-Defibrillation Assessment

Checking Pulse, Breathing, and Patient Comfort

  • Pulse Check: Verify the presence of a pulse.
  • Respiratory Check: Confirm breathing.
  • Stretcher Adjustment: Lift the stretcher slightly for patient comfort and safety.
  • Oxygen Administration: Transition from bag and mask to an oxygen mask.