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Infant CPR practical (first aid guidelines)

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Infant CPR Practical Techniques

Providing Effective CPR for Infants

Managing Cardiac Arrest in Distressing Situations

  • Emotional Challenge: Infant Cardiac Arrest
  • Stress and Effectiveness: Keeping It Simple
  • Pillow Placement: Facilitating Proper Airway Position
  • Two CPR Techniques: One-Person and Two-Person
  • One-Person CPR: Two-Finger Compressions and Breath Management
  • Encircling Technique: Efficient Two-Person Method
  • Alternative Approach: CPR with Child Fixed to Arm

Infant CPR is a vital skill during a distressing time. This guide covers practical techniques, including one-person and two-person CPR, proper pillow placement, and alternative methods to ensure effective cardiac arrest management in infants.